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Gina Miller

Visual Artist Living in Vancouver, BC

I am visual artist who lives and works in Vancouver B.C. I have always made art in one context or another. I worked as a decorative painter running my own business, which lead to a career as a scenic artist in film and clothing design.

After starting my family (3 boys!), I trained at Capilano University where I focused on printmaking and more painting. I then received my BFA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design and have maintained a steady art practice since then. Today my work as an addictions counsellour and mindfulness teacher inform my creative practice, as the states of attunement and presence are woven throughout each of these occupations.

I find the common ground in all of it to be my interior state of being and connection to the infinite. This refuge and inspiration is felt in my daily meditation practice and Zen studies.

The making of my paintings comes from a place of being embodied in myself and the world around me. In my work, the paint is fluid referring to the body and the full spectrum of colour refers to nature. The act of using paint and brush is where my body meets the sensual nature of painting. Fluid and fibre. Hair and wood. l express what it is to be human in a non-representational way. Fluidity allows the works to slowly evolve into a layered topography that represents both the exterior world and my inner terrain. My delight is derived by having a direct experience of the materiality of the moment and translating that onto canvas.

I spend my time between Vancouver, B.C. and Todos Santos, Mexico, and my paintings refer to the natural world of these two bountiful places. The work features organic shapes and nature-derived palettes, unique to each and often overlapping. Soft, palmy, warm surf and solar energy of Baja mixes with blue-grey, steely rain of the forested British Columbia landscape. Desert blue cactus with bright orange flowers speaks with rich soil and lush green rainforests.

While the process of painting is the most meaningful element to me, I get joy from seeing the completed works as they continue to surprise me. It is satisfying when the viewer has a felt sense of aliveness when taking them in for themselves. The invitation is for the viewer to imbibe in their own senses while absorbing these expressions of paint.