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Not long after meeting Gina, I got to know her as a meditation student demonstrating honest dedication and generousity of heart. The friendship that naturally developed from then brought me to discover her art.
I purchased ‘Sandstone Symphonic’ after falling in love with it at an exhibit about 5 years ago. With renewed contemplation, it is a delight to live in the presence of her art in my home and, at once, keep alive the joyful connection I have with her.

Nathalie Keiller – Meditation & Yoga Teacher

Suspended on a white duvet cloud, my alarm sounds, eyes open, sleep is taken away and I am awake. It is morning.

My entire senses are drawn to the painting on my wall.
A calm large ocean sky dreamscape – shades of blues, greens, some gold.
I drift into the serenity and it holds me until nightfall
when I surrender my day and get lost once again in the paintings magical beauty.
I have admired Gina’s paintings for years.
She paints with expression and grace ~ such harmony, connection and calm. Each piece holds eternal energy and presence.

Rachel Leiterman – Film & Television Director

As with many of our favourite pieces of art, we return to them again and again. A poem, a novel, a film, and upon each return we find ourselves there, somehow changed by the circumference of days lived between. This experience becomes hyper-intimate with a painting~ we bring it into our home, a sacred space, which we experience differently each day. Here we agree to be in constant relationship with the piece, the artist and ourselves. Aligned hangs above my mantle. Sometimes I fall into pastoral contemplation in its presence, its lines cool and calming like a stand of winter birch, or at times flowing like a blood cells moving under a microscope. Other days Aligned is a Malibu highway of sensual curves and escape. Miller’s work has always intrigued me in its willingness to explore itself, like a biome nourished and thriving in its current conditions, yet in constant flux.

Zoë Dagneault – Writer

Every morning I have the pleasure of starting my day waking up to these beauties. It gives me pause to be grateful for what I have. Life ! It is a privilege not a right. Mornings are my favourite part of the day, a new beginning, fresh start with good intentions. It usually goes off the rails by noon but so be it. Lol

Art can be a funny thing how it stirs up the feelings within. So personal to each person lucky enough to have in their home. I remember when I was introduced to these pieces. I watched a video on the how Gina brought them to life. I felt a connection and that is how it goes. You just know. I could tell Gina was a very special person and that was also important to me. The older I get the more important it becomes to make my purchases count and I want to buy from people that I make a connection with. Gina is incredibly talented and humble individual and I would fill my house up with her art if I could.

I have to confess that I cleared my dresser to take these pictures because my life is messier than this picture reveals. I also did not want to distract from the main event.

For me these paintings reflect the way life can be. A million little things that make it both messy and beautiful all at once. I am not that great with words, I just know that when I look at them each and every day they make me happy. ❤️

Jen Westerveld